Deadly Metropolis

When I’am looked for news at my facebook, I found something really interesting for me! Project named Deadly Metropolis .. I like the sprites and cant wait for the full game .. this is why I share the first screenshots and official facebook page of Deadly Metropolis with you guys!



Name: Din Haephlythius
Age: 21
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 188lb
Blood Type: B
Birthday: Dec 28
Birthplace: USA
Likes: Kung Fu Movies, The Wild West
Dislikes: Liars, Thieves
Hobby: Chess
Personality: Stoic, Ladies Man
Fighting Style: Kickboxing
Characteristics: All Rounder, Brawler
Defensive Abilities: Parry
Weapon preference: Short Ranged
Food Preference: Bananas (+15hp), Fried Rice (+35)

Introduction: Well known pit fighter suffering from amnesia trying to navigated through the madness. Din sports some dangerous moves, it’s no wonder gangs try so hard to recruit him..

Bio: Rumored to have lost his memories after fighting the prized fighter of the Solid Gold Cobras, Din woke up with only the memory of the name Din Haephlythius.

– Approached by a kid claiming to be his close friend by the alias Brash he only receives bits and pieces of the situation with the Solid Gold Cobras.

– Piecing together his memories with little time to spare, he joins Brash and Dyme on their crusade against the dangerous gang.

Support the project by following the link below!


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