Two friends Aiden “Hawk" Hawkins and Bradley “Brad" Wright work as head hunters, who try to eliminate the crime, gangsters and blackmilers from the city. In their (our) trip, they get involved to fight with more powerful man, called Synestro. What will be their clash? It depends on you…

Head Hunters is the new beat’em up game inspired by classic 8-bit NES games as a Double Dragon 2 or Mighty Final Fight!


  • Gameplay of the Head Hunters is very simmiliar as an original 8-bit games for example Mighty Final Fight
  • This game is playable for two players in co-op mode, where Player 1 gets the Hawk´s  character and Player 2gets the Brad´s character.


  • All backgrounds is completely created as originals. No stolen textures or items from another games!




Beta Screenshots

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